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Odepro KL41 Plus Kit

6159次 2018-09-05

The Product

This is billed as a complete kit for hunters. The light is a throwy single 18650 with a forward clicky. The stand-out feature is the interchangeable colored LED modules, which come included in the kit



I don't hunt, so this isn't a product I would have purchased for myself. The light itself seems well built, and performs well. I like that this kit comes with everything you could need to get started up - for those that aren't interested in getting into flashlights as a hobby, it's great not to have to go to 3 separate shops just to get a light, cells, and a charger. The light is quite large compared to most others in it's class, but I wouldn't expect that to be an issue for anyone mounting it to a gun.
What's Included


This really is a full kit. It comes in a plastic case that can be used for storage. My case was missing one of the two clips that latch it shut. The clip that was included was enough to keep the case from opening, but there was a slight gap when pressure was applied to open the case.

Inside the case, both the top and the bottom have foam inserts cut to fit each individual component. With this kit, you get:

The light itself

4 additional LED modules, each with a protective container (white, red, green, and IR)

2 18650 cells in a case

A lanyard

A two cell charger

A quick attach tool-less gun mount

Another gun mount, with the tool required for use

A remote switch

Aside from the missing clip, my only complaint about this case is that the tailcap part of the remote switch rests on the light when closed. I didn't notice any marring as a result of this, but the two could scuff over time.


The build quality of this light is good. Tailcap threads are thick and anodized, allowing mechanical lockout. The threads to the head are not anodized. The light comes apart into one more piece than most standard lights, that being the LED module. This assembly is not dissimilar to the BLF A6. The reflector stays in the head when unscrewed, so you don't have to worry about damaging it. The LED modules thread into the head, and contain both the emitter and the driver.


The light is also quite large. This might not be an issue - and might even be an advantage, given it's intended purpose. It's large enough that I think most people would prefer a smaller light if it wasn't for the added features this light has.

Modes and Interface

All modes are controlled via the forward clicky switch on the tail. The red, green, and IR modules are all single modes, so a half press is momentary on and a full press turns the light off. 

The white module has 5 modes. Low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. These can be switched before locking the light on, and are stored with mode memory if the light is on for more than 3 seconds. This means you can use the light in momentary mode without switching through to the next mode each time, as long as the momentary uses are the correct length.

The remote switch has three buttons on the pressure pad. I tested this with the colored modules, and pressing any of the 3 turned the light on momentarily.


The light comes with a standard lanyard installed. The tailcap has two holes where this lanyard can be attached, but note that it may interfere with tail standing slightly.

The light also comes with two gun mounts, one tool-less (I believe for mounting to a scope), and one with an included allen key (I believe for mounting to a barrel). As you can tell, I know very little about gun mounts and I'm not able to provide much more information. If you have any specific questions about the included mounts, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.

Power and Runtime

The light includes 2 button top 18650 cells labelled 3000 mAh, as well as a two bay charger. I did not test this charger. I performed runtime of all modes using the included cells, except IR as my setup was not able to pick up the light. The IR module does work, and can be viewed with most smart phone cameras.


The modules all terminated differently. The white module dropped in output slowly, and then got very dim and flashed every second. The red module actually climbed slightly in brightness, before dying out. The green module faded slowly and never quite turned off - I ended this test after a few hours. All modules exceeded their stated runtimes.


+ Light exceeds published runtimes

+ Complete kit, with more than you need to get started

+ Available on Amazon, no long shipping wait

+ Included case

+ Good build

+ Colored modules are fun

- Case arrived missing a piece, and stores some components touching each other

- The light is very large


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