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Odepro KL41 Flashlight (hunting kit)

3505次 2017-12-20

Odepro's model KL41 is available, in two different packages, through their online store on Amazon. I first purchased the KL41 (comes with a 18650 battery, charger, lanyard, and spare O-rings) and found myself liking that flashlight so much that I ended up ordering the KL41 hunting kit. This review will focus on the hunting kit; though it also (for the most part) applies to the regular KL41 kit.

Odepro KL41 green

KL41 Hunting Kit

This kit shipped from the company's Amazon store; taking a mere two days to reach my doorstep. It comes in a nice looking glossy black box and features magnetic closures on the front flap. The foam interior provides ample protection for the flashlight and the included components.

Odepro KL41

The hunting kit consists of the KL41 flashlight, two 18650 batteries, a double-bay charger, spare O-rings, four led modules, a rifle mount, a hex key, and the pigtail (remote switch). Unfortunately there is no instruction manual included, but one can be downloaded from their website.

At 7 inches in length, the KL41 is a perfect fit for my hands and features just enough heft to let the user know they're handling a quality piece of equipment. In fact I have let several friends use my two KL41 flashlights and all have made positive comments about the quality and how it just feels right in their hand.

Odepro KL41

The flashlight is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and is drop resistant to 1 meter. It also is waterproof to 2 meters (IPX-68). The KL42 has gold-plated springs for better connectivity and the flashlight is polarity protected.

Odepro KL41

Odepro KL41

There are four parts when the light is disassembled: the head, the led module, the body, and the tail. The body features the Odepro logo and an outline of a battery (so you know which way to insert the battery). The threads are all well cut and I noticed no grittiness when assembling/disassembling the flashlight. The owner's manual states that the flashlight is finished with a premium type III military hard-anodization with an anti-abrasive finish. I can only comment that in my experience the finish is done extremely well and has done a great job of holding up to frequent use.

The KL41 has 5 modes (with the white module) – low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS. The tail switch operates both the on/off function and the mode function. A half-press on the tail switch turns the light on temporarily (as long as you hold that half-press). Release the half-press and immediately half-press the switch again to cycle through the modes. Once you've found the mode you want (via half-pressing the tail switch) you can keep the light on (without maintaining pressure on the switch) by fully pressing the switch (you'll hear an audible click). The KL41 does have a memory mode – meaning it will turn on, to the last mode used, when you fully press and release the tail switch. It is also possible to progress through the modes by rapidly fully clicking the tail switch (on/off).

The included charger does its job, but I don't have access to the equipment needed to truly test it. It works – and that's about all I'm capable of saying about it. I do believe that the inclusion of a charger is one of the reasons that makes this hunting kit such a great deal.

Odepro KL41

The included pigtail (remote switch) is also gold-plated: it features a peel-able sticky pad for placement on the fore-stock and has two clickable switches (press and hold to keep light on).

The included rifle mount allows for a scope/barrel mount, or mounting on a picatinny rail. I did not test it, so I cannot say how it works (or doesn't). It does come with a hex key for tightening the screws.

Odepro KL41
Odepro KL41

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