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  • Lithium battery instructions

    1, The main batteries are 18650,16340,17670,14500, CR123A lithium batteries;
    2, Li-ion battery features: Lithium battery charging and mobile phone battery charging are completely different; lithium batteries have no memory; you can  use the Li battery at any time to charge; do not overcharge and over discharge;
    3, When the light changes, you should take out the Li batteries as soon as possible, do not overcharge, especially for the first time to charge.
    4, It would not be good to let the Li battery be in a non-use condition for a long time.
    5, Pay attention to the battery of waterproof, moisture, drop.
    6, Using anti-overcharge, anti-reverse, anti-short circuit of the "three anti" charger is a good idea.
    7, It should be stored fully charged if you would lay it aside for a little longer time. Normal in about three months and then charge and discharge it once again.
    8, Warranty: They are beyond warranty once they are arranged to ship out from our store.
  • Circuit plate instructions

    1. Our flashlight using advanced voltage constant current technology can effectively solve the LED flashlight for constant current regulatory requirements;
    2. Special Note:
        Do not use overpressure, and voltage should not exceed 4.2 V;
        Battery positive forward. Do not inverted, otherwise, it will burn the plate;
        Pay high attention to control flashlight temperature changes, to ensure heat dissipation;
        Non-professionals need to ask for help to open the circuit plate;
    3. Warranty:  plate or lamp burned is not under warranty; circuit plate opened or treated is beyond warranty.
  • Protection instructions

    1. Do not make the torch be with sunlight, water, chemicals and corrosive gases for a long time to avoid damage to the torch.
    2. To keep the "O" ring and thread swirl smooth,  you can grease its surface 2-3 times a year
  • Flashlight instructions

    1, Once you place an order on our online store, please make a choice in accordance with the voltage requirement of a flashlight. Don't mix them up in case circuit boards are to burn. Also, different models and different voltage batteries can't be used at the same time.

    2, To turn off the torch to prevent the battery over-discharge while the brightness of the torch changes significantly.

    3, To make sure the dissipation heat effect once the flashlight is in usage. A better way to solve this issue out is that you can grab its body with your hands.
        The torch in a timely manner heat or close should be on the basis of heating circumstance;  Temperature comes down and then light it up for dissipation;

    4, To enhance the consciousness of risk protection, be attentive to its waterproof and shock instructions.

    5, Keep the inner cup wall of the flashlight clean; it is absolutely impossible to wipe it by hand or hard objects. You can use the cotton swab with cleaner to scrub gently to remove the fingerprints on the lens.

    6, Can't direct people's eyes with flashlight light as not to affect vision; Be more careful of children to stay away from the light.

    7, If not using the flashlight for a little longer time(one month or more),  remove the batteries to avoid chemical corrosion.
  • Troubleshooting

    1. Check the battery: Make sure the battery isn't lower of power and the battery is loaded in the correct direction. Do not use different brands of batteries and old and new batteries should be in right classification;
    2, Check the tail cover: Make sure the switch is tightened up and in good contact to ensure that the tail cover spring be in good contact with the tail cover.
    3, Be sure the lamp holder isn't loose.

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