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What else can beat it down?

2210次 2018-03-01

Recently, our friend Martin has been trying the limit durability of our KL41 outside. It survived being thrown on the ground as a stone, sank in the fish tank and even stayed on the fire. I also wonder what situations it would suffer from in the following days.

When Martin told me that KL41 functions perfectly as a soldier even though it is in the hot or the cold, I am also shocked about it. That feels I am not familiar with my “baby” and other parents are proud of your own kids. I think I would re-recognize our KL41.

I think it is a good chance for you, my friends, to witness what good quality we refer to;


It is snowing heavily in the UK and hard to go outside for a walk. Martin took the KL41 with green light to a closed abandoned farm to hear the click voice from his boots on the block of ice, with which he can enjoy the scenery and be with the white world.

Martin helps us to confirm the quality outside and share with us what he experienced.  Someone refers to Odepro and good-quality is the key word in his mind immediately, which is our goal and we did do ~~


Challenges are a part of life, unknown for us to clarify. Snow is crazy but it can't stop you being an outdoor lover.

To be a well-known brand is a long-term course and Odepro is going forward to reach it out to step by step. Hope you are 


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