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We are always here

2262次 2018-03-09

Who is Odepro?

Odepro means outdoor professional equipment provider.

Also, it represents the love and passion we have for these products

It comes with many different kinds of flashlights

Other new items are on the way and will be available shortly.

In case you are not familiar with us please like our FB page and try to know us.

Quality products to be used in everyday life. 
Odepro kl41.jpg

What is the Odepro Brand?

To build a high-quality outdoor equipment brand.

To be loyal to our Customers and Partners

To provide a safe and quality product to our Customers.

To always be innovative for our Customers. 
Odepro KL52.jpg
What is a flashlight?  It is a portable hand-held electric light and most buddies call it torch.A typical flashlight is made of a light bulb mounted on a reflector and a transparent cover to protect the light source and reflector.For its history,  it may be possible around 1899. In the beginning, it was just used to light in the daily life, instead of candles. With the economic development, it varies from different areas, as outdoors,  technology and what not. Now the light-emitting diode (LED )take the place of the original bulb recent days.  LEDs can be significantly more efficient than incandescent lamps.

Odepro offers flashlights for hunting, diving, camping, riding, fishing and hiking events.We are busy preparing new products, which can meet higher market requirements.Also, we are looking forward to hearing from the customers who can help us in the future with reviewing our products.

More importantly, our new website had been online. It is a completely new one. You can comment it directly by leaving your email address, with which will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have in the future. Any comment is welcome and an answer to each question.


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